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To prepare students to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

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Mission: Our mission is to prepare students to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Mrs. Cortney Roskamp

Hello! My name is Cortney Roskamp and I’m the English 9, English 10 & Applied Communications teacher. I have been teaching at South O’Brien since the fall of 2016 and I love working in this district because of the small town feel and hospitality along with the diversity of the students and their experiences!  

Let me share a little back ground on myself first. I grew up on an acreage outside of Hull, IA. This allowed me to live the farm life while still being close enough to town that I felt a part of the “city life” as well. I graduated from Boyden-Hull High School and went on to college at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Teaching and my Coaching Authorization. From there I went on to do some long-term substitute jobs before finding a place to land at my first ever teaching position: Gehlen Catholic High School. I taught at Gehlen for 5 years before coming to South O’Brien. 

My personal philosophy of education is that every student CAN achieve, but how they achieve and what they achieve will look different for each of them. My hope is that I can be a part of every student’s journey to achieve academically, socially, and emotionally in order to prepare them to be citizens of the world they will live in! I definitely do not have all the answers for students, but I will help them in any way I can to succeed!

Personally, I am a very honest and blunt person. I love to have fun and joke around with students but recognize there is a time and place for that and when we have some business to take care of, that comes first! In a way, that’s where I am a type-A personality – in my work – and I am a strong proponent of: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!” — Ben Franklin.


Classroom resources for students:

~ the majority of my materials, assignments, worksheets, notes, and discussion posts can be found on each classes corresponding Google Classroom page. The codes for which are listed on the class syllabus. You can also find them listed here…

English 9 – uey9wr

English 10 – ykveclq

Applied Communications – lupgf9