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“The Wolverine Roar”

South O’Brien High School’s Student Newspaper

2016-2017 Student Editors: Erin Cooper & Leticia Del Real

Students at South O’Brien High School are able to be a part of the newspaper staff through a class called Publications Writing. The year-long class is an elective offered to 10th-12th grade students.  Students who enroll in the class produce the high school student newspaper as well as the high school and junior high yearbooks under the supervision of Advisor Kris Faust.

The South O’Brien High School Newspaper, “The Wolverine Roar,” is published monthly in The Paullina Times, The O’Brien County Bell, and The South O’Brien Sun.

When the students in Publications Writing take on stories, they must research, interview sources, write and revise, and take photographs. Reporters submit their work to student editors who then submit to the local papers for publication. Articles and photo assignments include features, news, polls, and editorials concerning high school issues and activities.

The students on the newspaper staff gain many skills. They write for real audiences and get community feedback for their work. In addition, they gain valuable experience with digital photography. They also learn to meet deadlines and work collaboratively with other students, staff members, and administrators at South O’Brien High School.