South O'Brien School District

Our mission is to prepare students to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Coming together as ONE, we are South O'Brien.




News from the South O’Brien Elementary

The South O’Brien Elementary Principal’s Office is on the North side of the building.

School is in session and we are using the security system for visitors during the school day.  Visitors need to “buzz in.”  After the receptionist identifies the visitor(s), they will be allowed to enter.  We appreciate your cooperation with our attempt to keep everyone safe.

Soles4Souls Shoe Drive Poster

Several Elementary teachers now have their own web pages.  They will have information or their newsletters available for viewing from their web page.  To view their web pages, select Staff Directory and click on the teacher’s name.

Little Paws Preschool page

South O’Brien Elementary, Junior High, and High School run on a 6-day schedule.  The calendar below displays the day number and other activities that affect the normal school-day schedule.
Please contact if you are not able to view the calendar and include details if you get an error message.  Thanks!