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2017-18 Registration

2017-18 South O’Brien School Registration Information

We hope this page assists you in completing your student registration process.  Many aspects of registering should be completed online using the JMC Parent Portal.
If you have access, use the Quick Resource Link to JMC and follow the directions below.
There are some documents that require information about your child and we do not yet have the ability to let parents/guardians complete these forms online because of the type of information they contain.  Other documents provided on this page and on the Health Services page are provided to help you compile the information you need to complete online.

  Scroll down for more forms.

Instructions for Online Registration and Payments through Parent Access

 Begin at the homepage of our website,

  • Select JMC in the main menu or in the Quick Resource Links list on the left.
  • Select the Parents Icon.
  • Log in to Parent Access – Be sure to select the 2017-18 school year.
  • Follow the instructions to complete online registration.
  • You may pay all fees and make lunch deposits online by clicking the link found on the last page of registration instructions.

When finished, please log out.  Please do not share your password with your child(ren).  Students have their own passwords and student permissions limit their ability to change important information.

Instructions for Online Payment of Fees and Lunch Deposits using the Payschools Link

From the homepage of our website,

  • Select PaySchools in the Quick Resource Links list on the left.
  • The PaySchools website should open.
  • Select “Your Online Profile” to log in, create an account, or use password recovery.
  • Follow the instructions to select fees and make payment

Personal Check Policy

Your personal check is welcome.   Each check should include:

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Driver’s License Number

South O’Brien School District utilizes Paytek Solutions for the collection of returned checks.  Payments by check may be deposited electronically or redeposited electronically if your check is returned.  You authorize service charges and processing fees, as permitted by state law, to be debited from the same account by paper draft or electronically at Paytek’s option.  The use of a check for payment is your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of this policy.

Please print and complete forms as needed for your child/children and be prepared to provide the information when you complete registration online.

Information that must be provided or updated every year using online parent access

  • Health Information must be completed online every year.   Immunizations are required. A detailed list of the information you will need to provide is available on the Health Services page. If you have questions, contact South O’Brien School Nurse Brittany Goodchild.
  • A Medication Request must be completed every year if you are sending medication to be taken by your child at school.  This is also available on the Health Services page.

Forms required by grade

Health forms required by grade – all of these are available on the Health Services page

  • The South O’Brien Community School Physical Exam Form is required for all students entering TK/Kindergarten and Little Paws Preschool.  It requires a Professional Health Care Provider’s signature.  Health Care Providers may not have a copy of this form – please print and take with you to the appointment.
  • A Certificate of Vision Screening is required for Kindergarten and Grade 3. This form is provided by the Iowa Department of Public Health.
  • A Certificate of Dental Screening is required for Kindergarten and Grade 9 students.  The form is provided by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Free or Reduced Price Meal Forms

Athletic Participation Forms for grades 7-12

Pre-participation Athletic Physical Exam
All athletes in grades 7-12 must have completed an athletic physical exam before they may begin participation in practices for cheer & dance, cross country, football, or volleyball. A physical exam is valid for one year of participation. Plan ahead and schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider.  HS practices begin August 7, 2017.  JH practices usually begin the first day of school.
There is a health history portion of the form that must be completed and a portion that must be completed by a medical professional. In addition, there must be signatures from the medical professional and from a parent or guardian. Please note, the parent/guardian signature is frequently missed and a student may not practice until that is completed.
Below is a link to the form required by both the Iowa Girls HS Athletic Union and the Iowa HS Athletic Association. Some medical professionals have forms available at their offices, but keep in mind that there are parts that must be completed by a knowledgeable family member and your health professional may wish for you to complete this before the appointment.

  • Athletic Physical – required to participate in 7-12 athletics
  • Concussion Waiver – required to participate in 7-12 athletics
  • Consent to Treat – optional; this form is provided by Spencer Hospital, whose athletic trainers attend our varsity competitions and meet weekly with athletes at school.

For more information, contact either office:
Elementary in Primghar 712-957-3755 or Jonna Rohrbaugh
Secondary in Paullina 712-949-3454 or Landy Oliver
The Long Distance Toll-Free Number to reach South O’Brien is 1-877-493-2545.  It is answered in the JH/HS Principal’s Office in Paullina.  Messages will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

If you have  Health-related questions, contact South O’Brien School Nurse Brittany Goodchild.