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Staff Directory

South O’Brien Community School District
Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Position Location Email
Moore Dan Superintendent Paullina & Primghar
Bruder Steve JH/HS Principal Paullina
Morran Mike Elementary Principal & Curriculum Director Primghar
Bahrenfuss Tiffany Instructional Coach – Literacy Paullina & Primghar
Bavier Jill First Grade Primghar
Brasser Karen Sixth Grade Primghar
Brasser Kevin Science Paullina
Brewer Cheryl First Grade Primghar
Carlson La Shara Kindergarten Primghar
Cody Connie Fifth Grade Primghar
Cole Brian 7-12 Instrumental Music Paullina
DeYager Noah Business Paullina
De Zeeuw Camille Teacher Librarian Paullina & Primghar
De Zeeuw Kent Activity Director & JH Math Paullina
Dreckman Erica JH Resource Room Paullina
Dykstra Sara Transitional Kindergarten Primghar
Ebel Kelly Title I Instructor Primghar
Faust Kris Language Arts Paullina
Fernstrum John Social Studies Paullina
Fish Abby HS Math Paullina
Flynn Connie Counselor Paullina
Gloden Ashley Second Grade Primghar
Gloden Jeremiah Student Advocate, PBIS Primghar
Goodchild Brant Physical Education Paullina
Goodchild Brittany Nurse Paullina & Primghar
Hansen Abby Sixth Grade Primghar
Hansen Dirk Resource/Special Ed Paullina
Harms Kyle 7-12 Vocal Music Paullina
Harper Tiffany Third Grade Primghar
Hedberg Lisa Resource/Special Ed Primghar
Helfter Mary Instructional Coach – Technology Paullina & Primghar
Hintz Kimberly ECSE Primghar
Holtkamp Gwen Fifth Grade Primghar
Kumm Eric Vocational Agriculture & Ind Arts Paullina
Lenhart Courtney Fourth Grade Primghar
Mattheis Jessica Spanish Paullina
Mews Jill Elementary Art & TAG Primghar
Meyer Rebecca K-6 Music Primghar
Miller John J. Resource/Special Ed SCI Paullina
Miller Rebecca Resource/Special Ed Primghar
Negus Kathleen Resource/Special Ed Paullina
Patterson Christi Family & Consumer Science Paullina
Phillips Denise JH Math & Language Arts Paullina
Pingrey Penny JH Language Arts Paullina
Poeckes Kevin JH Science & Social Studies Paullina
Poeckes Kimberly Science Paullina
Puhrmann Lisa Title I Instructor Primghar
Reichle Heath Elementary PE & Computer Applications Primghar
Roberts Zoe Ann Third Grade Primghar
Roskamp Cortney Language Arts Paullina
Stoll Nancy Little Paws Preschool Primghar
Struve Heather Art Paullina
Thomson Mary Kindergarten Primghar
Triplett Katie Second Grade Primghar
 Van Otterloo Jennifer Elementary Special Education, SCI Primghar
Wassom Emily Fourth Grade Primghar
Yates Kiley Social Studies Paullina
Youngers Brittney HS Math Paullina
Support Staff
Appeldorn Kristie Para-educator Primghar
Black Clara Bus Driver
Bootsma Cherie Para-educator Paullina
Burmakow Lynn Para-educator Paullina
Cooper Laurie Para-educator Paullina
Devereaux Natalie Para-educator Primghar
Ebel Daryl Custodian Paullina & Primghar
Ebel Lois Central Printing Paullina
Ewoldt Keith Custodian Paullina
Fiddelke Mary Para-educator Primghar
Frederick Dan Custodian Paullina
Friedrichsen Cherie Para-educator Primghar
Friedrichsen Lily Para-educator Primghar
Galles Francis Transportation Director Paullina
Goosen Christine Cook Paullina
Goosen Diane Para-educator Paullina
Goosen Sandy Cook Primghar
Grothaus Gerda Para-educator Primghar
Harper Shana Para-educator Primghar
Hedberg Tanner Para-educator Primghar
Hedinger Kimberly Food Service Director Paullina
Hibbing Jonie Bus Driver
Hofmeyer Randy Custodian Primghar
Hofmeyer Rochelle Elementary Secretary Primghar
Hubers Daiana Para-educator Primghar
Jederberg Shelley Para-educator Paullina
Kruse Terry Bus Driver
Lansink Dee Ann Business Manager Paullina
Lawrence Lisa Para-educator Paullina
Mulder Richard Custodian Primghar
Murphy Lexy Para-educator Paullina
Negus Renae Literacy Specialist Primghar
Oliver Landy JH/HS Secretary Paullina
Puhrmann LuAnn Para-educator Primghar
Puhrmann Becky Para-educator & Cook Primghar
Rawlings Natalie Literacy Specialist Primghar
Reichle Elisabeth JH/HS Secretary Paullina
Regelin Verlyn Bus Driver
Richter Sandra Para-educator Paullina
Rehder Sandra Cook Paullina
Rienfeld Dawn Para-educator Paullina
Rohrbaugh Jonna Elementary Secretary Primghar
Rohwer Carol Bus Driver
Rothke Philip Custodian Paullina
Rupert Sharla Supt Secretary & Board Secretary Paullina
Rupert Steve SE Van/Lunch Bus
Schmidt Jane Bus Driver
Sickelka Wendi Para-educator Primghar
Simm Cindy Cook Paullina
Steffens Linda Cook Primghar
Wagner Ellen 4-6 Student Advocate Primghar
Wagner Holly Para-educator Primghar
Wagner Miriam(Mimi) Para-educator Primghar
Wallinga Louise Custodian Primghar
Weidaman Rick Bus Driver
Wester Becky Para-educator Paullina
Wheeler Barb Cook Paullina
Wilbur Kristina Library Para-Educator Primghar
Yates Melanie Library Assistant & At-Risk Paraeducator Paullina
Dickmeyer Dennis Dinner Theatre
Fuhrman Mark Head Football Coach, Asst Track
Fuhrman Chase Assistant Football Coach
Hale Ryan Assistant Football Coach
Hintz Jonathan Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Hohbach Garrett Assistant Football Coach
Lansink Jeremy Volunteer Cross Country Coach
Lichter Andrew 7-12 Cross Country Coach
Matthews Pete Junior High Wrestling Coach
Negus Jon Volunteer HS Football Coach
Roberts Jeff Junior High Wrestling Coach
Simmelink Austin  Head Girls Basketball Coach
Warnke Elizabeth Cheerleader/Dance Sponsor
Weaver Wade Assistant Football Coach
Wise Austin Assistant Boys Basketball Coach