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Peanut Allergy Aware

We have students at South O’Brien Elementary with Peanut allergies.

An allergic reaction can be life threatening.

We invite your help and cooperation to help them stay safe.


There are several practices that will be in place to help prevent allergic reactions:

  • All of South O’Brien Elementary will be designated as peanut/nut allergy aware, during school hours. There will be no classroom projects with peanut butter, or anything that contains peanuts or nuts of any kind.
  • Parents who will send a lunch from home are free to pack the foods of their choice. It is our hope that families CHOOSE not to send foods containing peanut butter or any nut products.
  • All students eating a lunch from home, will be seated away from the students with the peanut allergy, and will be asked to wash their hands and table area after eating lunch.
  • Please remind your child not to share their food or eating utensils with others.
  • We ask that all foods including snacks or special occasion treats entering the building at any time not contain nuts of any kind.
  • All snacks (crackers, cookies, cupcakes) sent to the classroom must be store bought, with an ingredient label that the teacher can read, or the snack will not be distributed to the students.
  • We will not serve any homemade snacks/foods to students during school hours.

We look forward to working together with you to have a wonderful year at South O’Brien Elementary.  If you have any questions regarding our allergy aware policy, please contact us at 712-957-3755.