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News from the South O’Brien Elementary Office


The South O’Brien Elementary Principal’s Office is currently located in the SE corner of the building (on N Hayes Avenue, across the street from the law office by the school and beside the Kindergarten rooms). This will be the temporary office until the new permanent location is moved into sometime this summer.

Visitors, please enter the door beside this temporary office location. ALL daytime visitors must report to the office and sign in when you enter the building. You will receive a visitor lanyard to wear. Please return the lanyard and sign out before you leave. This is a common safety policy at all schools.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanks for your cooperation during this exciting period of transition at the elementary!

The South O’Brien Elementary has been recognized as a Banner School for the second year in a row. The award recognizes their work in PBIS during the 2015-16 school year.  The banner they received will be placed on display in the Elementary Gym. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.

Several Elementary teachers now have their own web pages.  They will have information or their newsletters available for viewing from their web page.  To view their webpages, select Staff Directory and click on the teacher’s name.

Preschool April 2017 Newsletter

TK Newsletter April 12, 2017

Fourth grade trip to the circus.




Kindergarten Listens to O’Brien County Naturalist, Charlene Elyea

South O’Brien Elementary, Junior High, and High School run on a 6-day schedule.  The calendar below displays the day number and other activities that affect the normal school-day schedule.
Please contact if you are not able to view the calendar and include details if you get an error message.  Thanks!