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News from the South O’Brien Elementary Office



South O’Brien Elementary is participating in a service project called Soles4Soles, in conjunction with Village Northwest in Sheldon.  They will be gathering shoes until February 20, when the students in grade 3 will deliver the shoes to Village Northwest.


To encourage participation, classes will compete to collect the most pairs of shoes to earn a reward.  In addition, any class that collects more than 100 pairs will also earn a reward.
Shoes may be sent to school with students or dropped off in the office. If you drop off shoes in the office please leave a note naming the class that gets credit.

The project is organized by Mrs. Becca Miller.


Use the links below for more information   Soles4Souls: Shoe Distribution North Nashville    Soles4Souls: Give shoes, give love, GO GREEN!   Soles4Souls: Kids, Help Us Wear Out Poverty!    Soles4Souls | Village Northwest-Creating Opportunities for Those in Need


Printable copy of poster:  South O’Brien Elementary Soles4Souls Shoe Drive 2018


The South O’Brien Elementary Principal’s Office is in the new addition on the North side of the building.

School is in session and we are using our new security system.  Visitors need to “buzz in” at the new entrance.  After the receptionist identifies the visitor(s), they will be allowed to enter.  We appreciate your cooperation as we all learn to use the new system.

Several Elementary teachers now have their own web pages.  They will have information or their newsletters available for viewing from their web page.  To view their webpages, select Staff Directory and click on the teacher’s name.

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South O’Brien Elementary, Junior High, and High School run on a 6-day schedule.  The calendar below displays the day number and other activities that affect the normal school-day schedule.
Please contact if you are not able to view the calendar and include details if you get an error message.  Thanks!